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Send Out Some Mystery Shoppers

Do you know what the client experience is like in your salon or spa? You likely think you do, but do you really know? What about your competitors? Do you really know what goes on with the competition? Do you excel or fail at phone services, front desk, pre-booking, product sales, consultations? Where can you improve? Mystery Shoppers are a wonderful way to gain a little additional insight.  This can be very complex or a rather simple and straightforward process. It just depends upon how much data you’re trying to gather and compare.  There are many professionals you can hire to help with this, but if you have time, you can also keep it simple and do it yourself. Just be sure to keep the scope of the study to what you and your mystery shoppers can actually handle. Don’t overlook the value of this process. Don’t just do it once, either. Repeat the process regularly and make sure you’re performing the way you think you are. About the Author:   Zane Hagy is a PR and ma